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Hello there.
I'm Lauren Ahl, and
I'm here to write for you.

Hi, I am Lauren Ahl. I specialize in scriptwriting, comedy writing, and coming-of-age stories.
As a Full Sail University graduate with a bachelor's degree in creative writing for entertainment, I am skilled in many areas of writing, such as film writing, television writing, technical writing, professional writing, and genre writing. I also have experience in speech writing, copywriting, game writing, and comic book writing. With my time at Full Sail University, I have studied how to conduct myself as a professional in the entertainment industry.
The world is an overwhelming place. My goal is to bring a smile to people's faces through my storytelling, relatable characters, and humor.
I can provide you with an arrangement of specialized services alongside my unique perspective and hardworking spirit. I am a passionate writer and am happy to bring that passion to you and your project.

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